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  1. Nice good PC and setting .. Done Patrick
  2. Yep On the nice sreen, miss BOB Hoover Patrick
  3. Where your car ? . Patrick
  4. Some Marshmallow ............ happy meal Patrick
  5. May be Dracula is coming . Put your original SHADER HLSL in the 3.2 after you install 3.3,......... Because you'r using "Realism Shader" before , and wait for update . Patrick
  6. Nice Pictures that is a good PC for the simu Patrick
  7. Merci Dolf 8857, Bonne journée Patrick
  8. Thank 's to REX and you for your visite Patrick
  9. Nice haze in the morning ... Patrick
  10. Hi And you sing Moonlight serenad taht is poetic Patrick
  11. At top your dream Patrick
  12. Nice at dawn Patrick
  13. Hi all Real MTO, flight Barajas to Nantes over 35K fts a big clouds ...... 16K fts 13K fts Patrick
  14. Great shoot Robert i waiting you to MaloneysTavern
  15. REX4 soft clouds PAGS PAHO ASK Patrick