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  1. More Beaver Oil!

    Great shoot Robert i waiting you to MaloneysTavern
  2. Flight ASK

    REX4 soft clouds PAGS PAHO ASK Patrick
  3. GOD the ARCHITECT ??

    Hi thank Dolf, i wish you good hollidays for this last days 2015 .. see you next Patrick
  4. The Alabeo Piper Sport in .......?

    Very nice SHOOT Scottman Patrick
  5. GOD the ARCHITECT ??

    Thank EBO Patrick
  6. GOD the ARCHITECT ??

    No no ! it's only REX an Architect PAYA to PACY NA ASK in P3Dv3 Good Sunday ALL Patrick
  7. New to P3D v3.

    Hi Nice shoot LAIN Goooood Sunday Patrick
  8. EIRE flight C47

    Hi EBO Douglas C-117D, Super DC-3, R4D-8, V.2 made by Manfred Jahn CREDITS We want to thank Janiek Arp and Hans Kaiser for testing, Doug Dawson for his fsx_event_logger gauge, Marcel Felde for tips on 3D GPS construction, Don Kuhn for allowing us to create 3D code for the GNS430/530 packs available at, Jan Visser for tips on volumetric side-view props, Bjoern ("Heretic") and Bill Leaming for their PD light splash materials at Thank's Dolf Ebo Patrick
  9. EIRE flight C47

    HI Near EGFF FTX and REX in P3DV3 Patrick
  10. rattlesnake region

    Thanks EBO Patrick
  11. That's why we are flying...,or?

    YEp with REX stay tune with clouds Nice pics
  12. rattlesnake region

    V3 + REX Texture Direct +Soft Clouds + wx MTO REX ESS+OD Hd + Ozx Patrick
  13. One of Hundreds AI Boats

    Nice Henrij N. boat screen
  14. Stikine Icefield Research Project

    I like your humour with Snowman Robert grrrrrrrrrrr
  15. Good Job for this APP ...Captain