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  1. Thank you Believe it or not, this is default FSX scenery. Was quite surprised by the level of detail Microsoft have given it!
  2. Thanks everyone
  3. Nice water effect taking off from London Heathrow Aiprort I can see someone up there!!!!!!!!! Hi London!
  4. Thanks Guys for the comments, i'll try and get some better shots taken this evening - Yeah the new dreamliner does look impressive! Adam
  5. Thanks everyone for the feedback, some good and bad comments in relation to TRACK IR but very interesting to get some feedback about it! Adam
  6. Thanks
  7. Stunning shots
  8. Thank you
  9. Thanks for the comments everyone
  10. Nice water effect Off loading the baggage ready for another flight in REX-E skies
  11. Great aircraft and great shots!!
  12. Beautiful shots mate
  13. Thanks Ebo, Really getting to grips with REX-E / FSX after making the move and upgraded my pc!
  14. Thanks