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  1. Thank you guys! There is new update to this skin about to be released on SOH.
  2. and.............. REX Essential SP1
  3. Amazing images. A lot of thought went into them.
  4. A little further up the channel on this one. Looking back.
  5. Full 360 coverage is of course possible.
  6. Thanks guys, I had to run off quickly and forgot to add some info. I move the VC camera position out in front of the level aircraft, then rotate about this axis. This view is 3 segments, combined in a freeware image stitcher called Hugin. If you have a 3 display set up, the same could be done as well without the assembly. ASK is turning out to be quite remarkable. Enjoy.
  7. Great shots, do you know the name or location of the glacier in #8? I have yet to find it..
  8. Hey, I have most of those! Better go back and take in the detail. Thanks for posting.
  9. Hey Clem, The good folks over at ORBX told me to change my water textures to be much smoother so that I could see the patterns and flows of silt below the water. This is especially nice at the glacial terminators in Glacier Bay. At first I thought I was missing textures, but once I changed to a more global water texture setting, suddenly all the extra detail appeared. I used "Great" water reflection set in REX, and "Calm Ocean" set in FSWC as per their recommendations. Very happy. Now the waters are alive with detail.