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    So sim air is going to be subscription based right? Pretty sure it will be. No problem though if the price per year is right

    Dam with six minutes to go I never really thought of it.

    Respectively matter when it is released and no matter how much 'tireless testing' is being done - upon release there will be many, many immediate and quite valid bugs and subsequent patches, hotfixes and service packs no matter when it gets 'finished. Software developing never really ever gets done. SP1 SP2 so on and so forth..endlessly. Tell them to let US test it. Let the customers get more involved. we would love to do it for FREE.You would get thousands of eager and knowledgable FSX/REX testers. Better then 20 hand-picked windows 7 and Windows 8 do public previews. Just a suggestion - recruit many more testers by doing a Public Beta. I can't take all the credit for this advanced testing is Bill Gates' idea. By those comments it appears that you have no idea how complicated software development is, the last thing these REX guys need is a huge pool of testers (most of who would be inexperienced with the goals and results of which the development team are trying to accomplish) sending them bug reports, it would just create a backlog of issues and confusion. I want my new weather engine just as badly as you, but I have tremendous respect for these guys, they know what they are doing, and for god sake man they are giving this to us for free, just like they gave us OD for free, Wow in this day and age who does that. My thanks to REX and their BETA TESTERS who you referred to as cronies. Its not all fun and games for them.

    So can I just uninstall REX completely and install the Full version on REX Essentials OD?

    Hey Tim if your need someone to break the software give it to me

    In such a small niche market it was a good policy not a bad one, come on this is business 101
  7. It looks great, but my question is will it be able to hold those overcast depictions or will it break a part like every single weather engine I have used, ie all the hifi weather engines, freeware ones, default msfs...
  8. Installed it, played the fist two required missions, joined a multiplayer session, got bored crashed my plane into another player (Actually got a reward for this ) then quit.
  9. I want to see more pic's of essentials in action. Please Also will it be able across a network as easy as ASE/AS2012? I never really tried to get the old REX weather engine to do so, not sure if its possible.
  10. Anyone around here ever purchase a storebucks voucher from the fss store? I bought a 30$ voucher to send to a friend and it has yet to show up in my account. Does it take time? Anyways just wondering if anyone has done this before and ran into problems.
  11. CLOSED

    This is the first I have heard of REX Essential Overdrive, I don't care if I have to pay, man you guys have to start charging for something
  12. I have been away for a bit so whats all this verified lingo going on, I think I missed something
  13. So what your saying is that Simair is somewhat similar to these types of products? This is all really needed to know.
  14. I'm on the verge of either buying fspassengers or fscaptain, I was really hoping to find out what simair is before making one of these purchases, not sure if I should hold off any longer.