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  1. Very nice indeed
  2. RealAir announced that they are closing the hanger doors after an outstanding 16 years in the game ( ). It will be really sad to see them go. Their aircraft were a joy to own and brought people who I now consider friends together in events like " SIAI Marchetti SF 260 Flying Club". Here are just a few images I captured over the years featuring some of the RealAir Products. Thank you Sean Moloney & Rob Young.
  3. Very nice Scotty boy
  4. Around the Milford Sound area click for higher res.
  5. Looking good!! I like shiney things lol
  6. Click Image for Higher Res
  7. very nice!!... I have a great realworld image of this one
  8. Looking good mate!!
  9. Thanks Rinus
  10. Click image for higher Res
  11. Nice shots mate!! does it sound as good as it looks?
  12. Click image for hi res
  13. Nice image - Glad you like
  14. Great shots mate!!!
  15. Getting to grips with new camera - Chase Plane. click image for higher res