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  1. Cloud Dancer

    Super set of images  
  2. Just2

    great shots...great aircraft...great clouds ... great scenery....great everything!
  3. Pacific long ago

    Nice shots mate!!!!!
  4. OE-KLM

    Another outstanding paint by Ebo.          
  5. nice images Ebo..better being Northolt is 3 miles from me
  6. Dusk over SoCal

  7. An icon leaving London City

    Super images of a super aircraft!!
  8. Taking the Comache for a spin

    yayyyyyyyy it's Goofy!
  9. Sportcruiser - new paint

    Lovely images Ebo... it sure is looking soooooooo much better  
  10. P51 B+W

    Thanks Ebo
  11. P51 B+W

  12. N2705J

    A paint Ebo replicated for someone back in October... been busy and totally forgot to post here...anyway...hope you like.            
  13. Pagotrio

    mm mmmmmm very nice!!
  14. Hello again to ol'' friends!

    Hi Kees... Great to to see you around!!   Tom
  15. 9x Phantom

    great shots of my fav aircraft when growing up.