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  1. Tim, you guys have outdone yourselves! Overdrive is fantastic! Everything is great, but I especially love the wave animations, they're flight levels ( ) above anything you (not to mention anyone else) have done to date. Well done!
  2. Another thing to try would be to turn your Anisotropic Filtering down to 4X in nHancer. It looks almost as sharp as higher settings, but with nowhere near the amount of work for the card.
  3. Tom, that looks amazing! I'd love to know how you did it, if you don't mind sharing (PM would be fine). That would be perfect for some valley flying in ORBX's Pacific North West scenery.
  4. These are two stunners that have been waiting on my HDD for me to do something with them. No editing at all, only sharpening after the re-size. Enjoy! [img width=1024 height=640]
  5. Hey guys, I just rediscovered these two stunners while sorting my 19GB+ of screenshots. Enjoy! (For best quality, click on the picture and then click the full-screen icon at the top right corner of the pop-up window.) [img width=1024 height=640]
  6. I finally bought the Accusim cub, and it's magnificent. The attention to detail is amazing, and I've certainly had to take my flying more seriously. Ironically, the one time (so far) my passenger has said "That was a beautiful landing!" was at the worst/toughest strip I've taken the cub (98TE). So anyway, here's one of the better shots from a day of flying. Enjoy! (Click on the pic and hit F11 for the best quality.)
  7. It looks like you're almost done, but if you need any pics of specific areas, there is usually one of these parked at my local airport so I might be able to help you out. Looks very nice!
  8. I had a truly beautiful dawn flight with REX, Tongass Fjords X, and the Captain Sim C-130X.
  9. Tim, your work is incredible. REX and the Lotus Sim L-39 are the team to beat.
  10. 'Nuff said.
  11. The helicopter that "summited" Everest was an AS350-B3, and it had to hold a toe-in hover on the summit for two minutes. I'm very surprised you were able to get the CH-53 up there.
  12. I converted it to be drivable with the Striking Software guide.