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  1. Voted yes but not that important to me but others may be put off by not having this feature - thanks Guys
  2. One word AMAZING - cant wait
  3. Going to be EPIC - REX brings it big time
  4. Hi Timmy lol - your welcome Guys
  5. Thank you Galen - installing now top notch support
  6. Thanks for latest updates Guys to REX
  7. Ah would be nice to beta test this bad boy
  8. Hmm I read last night it would be released today - you change that ? thanks
  9. Great news are we getting any eye candy updates (more sky texture versions - etc.) with this one or just stated fixes - thank you
  10. WA = User created weather or community created weather themes WD = Real time weather such as REX's older product and Active Sky That being said WA creates some cool weather (mostly storms - fog - from what I have seen) weather I have never seen in real weather programs and with good fps
  11. Ah ok Tim - thanks Buddy - glad there is something in the works - take care