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  1. Support Verification

      You are already verified, .
  2. REX 4 for fsx

    Thanks for reporting, Dave.   Enjoy your flights with REX4 TD.
  3. Download issues

    Miguel,   Please add your REX order number you got from the FSS.
  4. Support Verification

      Francis, check your order again.
  5. FSX | PMDG 777 Landing @ Dubai

    Wow great, Jeroen.  Very nice details of the 777.
  6. African Insomnia

  7. Great, very realistic landing in a beautiful area.
  8. Drzewiecki Design New York City X

    Wow Jeroen, fantastic job done !!
  9. Swing time in New York City

    So am I, been too long away from the forum ... so sorry time needs me more somewhere else, .
  10. Support Verification

    Who's the owner of that order number ?
  11. Support Verification

    What REX product ? Who's your vendor of your other REX products ? With only a number you can't get verified.
  12. Roulette

    Great set indeed.
  13. Straight V Keying

  14. Auster at Stapleford...

    Nice detailed and realist shots.