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  1. Hot dang and hot Dog perfect timing REX. My internet was just upgraded today to a new blazing hyper speed of 500Mbs/sec min to 1gig/s top
  2. Hum, interesting developments. May I ask will these improve my Arctic flying immersion and experience better?
  3. SimAir

    I know i am closely monitoring Simair. My Canadian North VA aka Canadian Arctic is watching.
  4. REX direct

    all the more reason I am glad my old FS rig blew up. I rung in the New Year setting up the new Fs Rig. I just got to find a decent graphics card.
  5. What?? You put a politician into Simair LOL . I'll take mine without the chump LOL.

    Keep up your great work JayKae and REX Team. To all I can guarantee the wait is well worth it and with JayKae he knows his stuff and routines very well and professional.
  7. Heavy snow going to Yellowknife B200T

    Excellent set. And please go to the Polar Bear Lounge and tell them it's on my Tab. Welcome to my Hometown in Canada. Which is where I'm going for X-Mas and I hope a storm traps me there for a extra two weeks.
  8. SimAir

    I know I would be curious as a VA owner also.
  9. Boeing's Missing 787

    A NWS station reported the the missing Boeing 787 from Boeing Field. She'll be begging for Canadian North cover or RCAF cover as Canada 1 for the PM.
  10. REX Generators Antarctica

    Seems Tim forget about replacing the Generators at Antarctica for REX research and development lol. No problems Canadian Arctic VA has it handled using the LCF from our office at SAWH. Will post more pics of the journey. Leaving SAWH Climbing to cruise FL400 Wide open Cold Skies and now on the way to sling shot to NZWB.
  11. Boozed FSX AI traffic pilots

    ROFL X10 and falling off the Officer's Club stool. Excellent.
  12. Eh Tim, it'll be a month or two before I can enjoy REX essentional. I just shipped :'( my FSX rig via Amtrak to San Antonio my new home soon. I'm creeping closer to AZ
  13. You mean just 7 days ago I could have stopped by Tim and got my copy :lol: Darn.
  14. Prepare 3D addons

    The only known payware 737 made for Prepar3D is the Ifly, All others like PMDG are on the fence and provide no offical support. So Ifly is the only payware with a 737 in three sim platforms. The PMDG NGX does work in Prepar3D, but it takes some knowledge for a manual file structure and placment and editing dll's and config. The pmdg 747 is another tricky critter.
  15. Enjoying the power

    Do I see a RCAF scheme . I like the scheme and pics.