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  1. DEVELOPMENT STATUS: IN DEVELOPMENT 9/24/2016 - We are presently working on an update to support Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D 3.4. We will keep everyone posted as to the status of this update.
  2. STATUS UPDATE OF WX ADVANTAGE RADAR UPDATE 4.0: DEVELOPMENT PHASE 9/20/2016 – Due to the release of the Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D 3.4 we are presently developing an update for the WX Advantage Radar. This update should be released soon. We will keep you advised as to the status and when we near release.
  3. No issues at this time. Did you see there was a new update recently released.
  4. We never give release dates. We give estimates, but those can always change.
  5. We have yet to discuss this in that we are still within testing.
  6. Sky Force is specifically related to environmental changes and not runways and taxi ways.
  7. We have downloaded the Anniversary updates on our machines. In some cases I personally like it, but it I have noticed similar issues in regards to lag and restart issues. Especially, on my Surface Book. Just to get music working and MS Edge I always have to restart after my initial startup. We have not noticed any effects on REX items at this point.
  8. Should there be a limit to the gates at hubs like in real life within SIMAIR?
  9. Let us know what are the most important features for our upcoming weather engine.

    Thank you for your interest. I would recommend keeping an eye on our Upcoming Product News area. We try to keep it updated on the status of our projects.
  11. Thank you for your interest.

    Thank you for your inquiry @Dimus we have a product that we are working to help in this area. We will share more soon.
  13. hi red, i just installed the REX fs2004 + override service pack , and still i have the problem with the firewall, please help me

  14. STATUS UPDATE OF REX FS2004 – SERVICE PACK 5 - HOTFIX 1: RELEASED 8/26/2016 – This critical hotfix has been released and may be downloaded from the following area on our forum:
  15. Yes you may, but again I cannot guarantee a position at this time.