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  1. Installation order and service packs

    I would recommend that if you are behind in updates to go to your original account at FSS and download the latest full build. Each vendor has been supplied with the latest build.
  2. Question before purchase

    It does do that, and we have a section in our FAQ about setting up REX within a network setup. We strongly recommend you read that section before purchasing.
  3. Multiple PC's REX 4 allowed?

    Thank you for your inquiry. The license is per machine. So you would need to purchase 2 licenses in this case.
  4. STATUS OF WX ADVANTAGE RADAR SUPPORT FOR FSX SP2 - RELEASED! We have officially released Update 1 for the WX Advantage Radar. You can download the latest update from the link below:
  5. STATUS OF WX ADVANTAGE RADAR SUPPORT FOR FSX SP2 - RELEASED! We have officially released Update 1 for the WX Advantage Radar. You can download the latest update from the link below:
  6. THIS UPDATE SUPPORTS MICROSOFT FLIGHT SIMULATOR X, MICROSOFT FLIGHT SIMULATOR STEAM EDITION, PREPAR3D V2.5, V3.2.3 REQUIREMENTS: WX ADVANTAGE RADAR (build: 1.0.2016.0504) FIX LIST The following is a list of changes and fixes within Update 1 - (build: 1.0.2016.0519) - Added support for Microsoft Flight Simulator SP2 - Fixed intermittent crashingwith Lockheed Martin Prepar3D and Active Sky Next - Added invisible clickspots with tooltips to the screen part of the gauge. FROM: WX ADVANTAGE RADAR - BUILD: 1.0.2016.0504 TO: WX ADVANTAGE RADAR - BUILD: 1.0.2016.0519 THIS IS THE PROCEDURE ON HOW TO INSTALL WX ADVANTAGE RADAR - UPDATE 1 I. INSTALLATION PROCESS STEP 1 - Click on the link provided. This will automatically download the zip file. Unzip the files into a temp folder on your hard-drive. Then right click on the wxrad_patch_20160519.exe file to run as the administrator to install. STEP 2 - After the installation process is over, click the "FINISH" to close out the installation. DOWNLOAD NOW:
  7. STATUS OF WX ADVANTAGE RADAR SUPPORT FOR FSX SP2 - PRE-DEPLOYMENT PHASE Just to give everyone an update. We have nearly completed testing of the WXR for FSX SP2 and everything works great for all weather scenarios. I would expect a release early next week.
  8. Can you upload your flight plan for me please? Also, can you give me the date and time of your flight so I can compare weather data during your flight? Also, did you have the fuel / speed issues? Finally, do you have wind and visibility smoothing turned on? Did you WXPLUS or Standard Mode?
  9. Well i reviewed the metarfiles.txt and the data looks correct. Anytime you fly over the oceans weather will not change much because we don't get much data from NOAA. So we have to rely upon model data at that point. It is interesting that the upper air data looks correct in the metarfiles file. Good ole' flight sim causing havoc.
  10. Hello Everyone - We wanted to give everyone an update that we have received many requests that the WX Advantage Radar support users running FSX SP2. We are happy to say we are now currently in development to support SP2. The update to support SP2 will be released with our upcoming fixes.
  11. Hi,

    I got warning error :"MV_WX.dll incompatible with simulator" and re installed it several times but still failed. I tried to search it via forums and

    can't find anything . I am using windows 10. I bought the WX Advantage Radar Set up the other days. Please help me. I am deaf so please email me. Appreciate if you can tell me how to do it. Thanks.

    James DeMers


  12. Hello rstough,

    I left a support ticket with the "support specialists" on Sunday but have received no response. Also posted on the WX Advantage Radar Support Forum with no reply so far. Can you help?

    I have installed WX Advantage Radar in the Milvitz B55 via latest installer from Milvitz released today. I am running your REX Essential Plus OD weather engine. The radar unit is displayed as advertised and integrated into the B55 panel. The radar also pops up via the vehicle/instrument panel/WX advantage command and can be undocked and moved to another monitor. The radar screen activates, range patterns display, and the test pattern function displays properly. However, the unit populates no weather cell data (displays no cloud density or ambient precipitation on the screen ) either on the ground or aloft when tuned to WX or WX/T. See attached bmp. 

    I have followed all instructions in the WX Advantage manual pp 22- pp 29 with no joy. BTW, the rescan function has no effect. 

    I am running P3Dv2.6 on Windows 7 and my system specs and graphics card exceed the published requirements. Radar orded from REX. My order # is WRTVSZBLY, placed 05/08/2016 at 18:39:13.



  13. @charly0865- That User-Define should not matter with the WX PLUS mode as it would for the Standard Mode. @aragorn80 - Do you get the same results in Standard Mode? Also, after the initial WX injection there is an metarfiles.asm file can you zip the file and upload it here for me to review?
  14. SimAir

    @Diablosrougethank you for your very kind words and patience as we continue to work on this project. We believe it will be worth the wait. @Jaxor7we plan to integrate with Virtual Airlines. We need to discuss with VATSIM further details about this. We hope to talk with them while at the FlightSimCon show in June.
  15. I get this error

    Hi and welcome to the forum. I'm sorry you are experiencing issues, however, please provide us with your order number for REX Texture Direct or REX Texture Direct with Soft Clouds and where it was purchased. Place that within your signature so we may verify you. If you have any questions in why we ask this, please reference the following thread: Once this has been completed and you are verified, a member of our team will assist you. Thank you in advance.