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  1. Very interesting. Please contact me at:
  2. I am very sorry for the delayed response here. We want to keep the competitiveness as much as possible. One possibility is if you want to use REX SIMAIR without being competitive is to allow you to operate in an a sandbox mode.
  3. Thank you for your words. Giving updates on a product is a fine line. Though we don't want to keep our customers and potential future customers in the dark, we also don't want to give false promises either. The facts are these: All development assets are done and now it is finalizing the product in our development stage. We do not expect beta testing to go very long, but we want to make sure it is solid. FPS and VAS should not be a problem, this is optimized to improve the current systems.
  4. Thank you for your inquiry. First. you need to decide what textures you want to load from both products and then deselect which you don't want within the OPTIONS windows of each program. Second, start up REX 4 Texture Direct and navigate to the Configuration Window. Within the Configuration Window set the Weather Engine to the main exe file of where REX Essentials is installed. This will cause REX 4 to automatically start REX Essentials when you are doing using REX 4. Third, with REX 4 open, select the textures/texture themes you want to install and then when it asks if you want to "FLY NOW" click the OK button. This will auto start REX Essentials. If you do not want any textures to install from REX Essentials, then click the "FLY NOW" in the menu list NOT the "FLY NOW" button on the main screen.

    Within Steam you should have a history of your orders? Please post your order # within your signature.
  6. WX Advantage Radar – Service Pack 1 – Hotfix 1: RELEASED 1/5/2017– Hotfix 1 of Service Pack 1 of the WX Advantage Radar has been released. Either click on the WX Advantage Radar - Update Manager to automatically download and install the update, or manually download the update from our forum:
  7. WARNING: During the installation process, you may be required to locate the original installation folder to install the patch. It is extremely important that you install the patch over the originally installed files. Not doing will cause the function of the software to become in-operable. PRODUCT SUPPORTS Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X, Steam Edition, Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D v1, v2, v3+** ** The WX Advantage Radar only supports Prepar3D versions 2.5, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4.18 (3.4.9, and 3.4.14 are no longer supported) REQUIREMENTS WX Advantage Radar – Service Pack 1 (Build: 1.1.2016.1121) FIX LIST Added support for Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D 3.4.18 Other general performance updates INSTALLATION PROCESS STEP 1 - Click on the link provided. This will automatically download the zip file. Unzip the files into a temp folder on your hard-drive. Then right click on the wxinstaller.exe file to run as the administrator to install. IMPORTANT – You may be required to disable your Antivirus software until the WX radar is installed. STEP 2 - When the installation wizard asks you for the folder to install WX Advantage Radar – Service Pack 1 – Hotfix 1 click the NEXT button and select the folder where you installed WX Advantage Radar (i.e - C:\WX Advantage Radar). STEP 3 - After the installation process is over, click the "FINISH" to close out the installation. DOWNLOAD FILE:
  8. I am sorry you can not take criticism. What is really sad is to try and chastise me in email with no way to reply. I am seeing now how poor your customer relations are. A customer who paid good money for your product is at fault here? You make excuses about LM. LM did not tell you to go in to business. As a good business owner sometimes you have to sacrifice time with family to support their customers. Problem with American company's is they have lost site of that. You get the money then go on your merry way.

    All I did was say my future purchases would be based on your customer support. You had to delete it. Why?


    I have bought 3 products from you and may have purchased more in the future but not now. I will also not recommend you to anyone else. I know it doesn't bother you but people are going to smarten up eventually and realize they have the power with their wallets. Where will you be then with your attitude? I would guess out of business.

  9. Thank you for your suggestion, this is on our list.
  10. STATUS UPDATE OF REX SKY FORCE: IN DEVELOPMENT 1/5/2017– Thank you everyone for your patience and we hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas and terrific start to the New Year. We are very excited to share with you the progress on Sky Force. As of right now it can only be verbally because we know "others" are watching. We have progressed a lot with things over the past year and especially since we originally showed the video at FlightSimCon in June 2016. But since then we have felt we needed to take things to a even higher level. We know many would love for us to give a release date or even a estimated release date. It is our policy that we no longer do this. And the reason is because there are always unforeseen things that come up that can change dates. So that is why we are keeping our lips shut on dates. However, we use these blogs to try to keep you in the loop as much as possible. Also, many would like us to share more about the product and what it will do. Some of this we revealed in June 2016, but we have since changed some of those features and added new ones. Once we near the pre-deployment phase of this product - which is not too far away - we will begin to lift the veil to reveal what Sky Force is all about. Stay tuned...the wait is nearly over.
  11. Hi, Happy New Year btw,

    I'm reinstalling Rex4 texture direct and going through all the updates, restarting, update, restarting etc etc. took me half a day. Now it wants me to install SP6 and it hangs with the following report?


    [SEH_AV_DEP_BADPTR] ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005) at address [0x0fffff7a]

    Advanced Installer Enhanced UI 12.7.2 build 68656
    *** Stack Trace (x86) ***

    [0x0fffff7a]  -----
    [0x713830ad]  MsiSetOfflineContextW()
    [0x7124a9bc]  MsiInvalidateFeatureCache()
    [0x712a7d22]  MsiGetPropertyW()
    [0x012a550c]  -----
    [0x012b85c0]  -----
    [0x012c901d]  -----
    [0x012c8d07]  -----
    [0x01331f4c]  -----
    [0x03d8f3d0]  -----
    [0x03b77c70]  -----
    [0x03b77d78]  -----
    [0x03b77da8]  -----
    [0x3f800000]  -----
    [0x003c4bb0]  -----
    [0x01200000]  MODULE_BASE_ADDRESS


    Amy idea?

    Regards, Caesar

  12. From: Fereidoun Rahnama <> 
     Subject: Installation problem 
     Hello there, 
     I ordered REX Essential PLUS ...  (Dec,21) with CD : 
     I downloaded the zip files and I extracted the exact way they asked for, but couple of files
     were broken, [ like: (REX A cab12 failed, REX B CRC failedcab 14 failed and,REX C cab 111 failed and so on, but,
     I re downloaded again ,those problem are done, but I found two more problem that I could not fix it them yet. 
     1- I run the exe file to install,gives me error on cab 1 is corupptet, and so on 
     2- C:\RES essntial....SP3. instalation does nothing at all. 
     so I was trying to do it agin at the moments I was sending this to you I faced the same problem again. 
     What can I do ? 
    Even today I spent enouh time to do all over again, I found more broken files in REX C part nad no sign of set up.exe at all :(.
    I have very good internet connection  %100 all the time. but no luck so far, what is going on here ?
    Would some one help me out please, by the way I downloaded the from and I paid to them.

    Here is a part of copy and paste of my order 
    Order #870190 (Completed)
    Order Date: Wednesday 21 December, 2016    Order Total: $34.26
    Delivery Address
    Fereidoun Rahanamay 
    42 - San Remo, pvt ,
    Shipping Method
    Zone Based Shipping Rates (Standard Int'l Letter: 2-3 Week)
    1 x    Real Environment Xtreme - REX Essential Plus w/ OverDrive
      - Delivery Option: Instant Download + Disk Backup by mail
    For technical support with this product, please contact REX Game Studios.    $26.43

    Billing Information

    Billing Address
    Fereidoun Rahanamay 
    42 - San Remo, pvt ,
    Payment Method
    PayPal Payments Pro (Direct Paym
    Sub-Total:    $26.43
    Zone Based Shipping Rates (Standard Int'l Letter: 2-3 Week):    $7.83
    Total:    $34.26
     Is there any way to get rid of these issues ? 
     By the way, My order:    Order Number IS: 870190 
     Date Ordered: Wednesday 21 December, 2016 
     Here is the license key/serial number associated with your order. 
     Software License Key/Serial Number: No_License_Required 
     Thank you so much in advance for this. 
     Warm wishes. 

  13. WX Advantage Radar – Service Pack 1 – Hotfix 1: IN DEVELOPMENT PHASE 12/23/2016 – Due to the release of Hotfix 2 for Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D, the current version of the WX Advantage Radar is coming up incompatible. We are presently developing a new build to support the latest build. We do not expect this build to be available until after holidays due to limited staff.
  14. Hi Reed,

      I just purchased WW Airports HD and can't get File Transfer Manager to install.  I have the file set to

    install as administrator but no joy.  Screen cap of the installation pop up is attached.  Waited 10 minutes

    with no progress on the progress bar.  My system runs at 3.89ghz.

    My setup:   Windows 7-64,  FSX Acceleration

      Please help me get this installed.  Perhaps there is a "workaround".

    Thank you,

    Ken Boardman