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  1. I moved your post under our Weather Force news. This is one of the features we have on our list.
  2. Is archive weather an important feature for our new weather engine? If so let us know why it is important to you?
  3. STATUS UPDATE OF WX ADVANTAGE RADAR UPDATE 3.0: RELEASED! 7/21/2016 – We have released update 3 of the WX Advantage Radar. You may download it from this post:
  4. WARNING: During the installation process, the installation wizard should automatically locate the original files to be updated. If you change this path or it is not able to find the correct path, please manually browse to the correct location. Also, you may click the desktop icon named “WX Advantage Radar – Updater” to automatically download the latest updates. PRODUCT SUPPORTS Microsoft Flight Simulator X (Service Pack 2 and Acceleration) Microsoft Flight Simulator X – Steam Edition Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D (v2.5, v3.2.3, v.3.3.5) REQUIREMENTS WX Advantage Radar – Update 2 – (Build: 1.0.2016.0718) FIX LIST Update to Gauge Management Tool to handle aircraft installed outside normal protocol Fixed isolated CTD with some DirectX 10 graphic cards. Other general performance updates INSTALLATION PROCESS STEP 1 - Click on the link provided. This will automatically download the zip file. Unzip the files into a temp folder on your hard-drive. Then right-click on the wxinstaller.exe file to run as the administrator to install. STEP 2 - When the installation wizard asks you for the folder to install WX Advantage Radar – Update 3 click the NEXT button and select the folder where you installed WX Advantage Radar (i.e - C:\WX Advantage Radar). STEP 3 - After the installation process is over, click the "FINISH" to close out the installation. DOWNLOAD FILE:

    Bob beat me to the answer. Thank you Bob.
  6. You will see a huge improvement in that we have completely re-designed the cloud models within each simulator.
  7. STATUS UPDATE OF WX ADVANTAGE RADAR UPDATE 3.0: DEBUG PHASE 7/19/2016 – We wanted to give everyone an update that we are currently beta testing update 3.0. This includes some general fixes to the gauge management tool as well as some isolated CTD’s experienced with certain builds and video cards.
  8. Thank you for your kind words.
  9. These will be FPS friendly. Nothing to worry about - unless you are using an old Packard Bell 386 - LOL!
  10. You will not be able to individually customize airports since we are ONLY touching the default airports. But you can customize the over all default airports based upon how they are setup. More to come later on this as we get near to beta testing.

    Can you provide a screenshot of what you are seeing as the error, can you post what the error message was?
  12. A Sim Carrier is very similar to what a VA is. You operate your own Virtual "Carrier" Airline. However, a SIM Carrier could be what you suggested above.
  13. Very interesting.