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  1. rstough added a post in a topic REX 4 - WEATHER DIRECT/WEATHER FORCE - UPDATE #1   

    Expect some news very very soon.
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  2. rstough added a post in a topic REX textures   

    Yes, we have a several things coming out soon.  Stay tuned for upcoming announcements and releases.
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  3. rstough added a post in a topic REX 3 ESSENTIAL / OVERDRIVE - HOTFIX 2 FOR SP 3 - UPDATE #1   

    Thank you for your inquiry about REX 3.  I would expect some news in the next week.
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  4. rstough added a post in a topic Hello again to ol'' friends!   

    Welcome back Kees good to see things are well with you.
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  5. rstough added a post in a topic Can you set up ground fog and low clouds with WA?   

    Very good to hear.  Have a great rest of the week.
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  6. rstough added a post in a topic Did I create fog in P3D v3? Screen shots   

    Looks pretty good to me.
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  7. rstough added a post in a topic Can you set up ground fog and low clouds with WA?   

    @Yardreamer - thank you for you input on this post!
    @caaront - did you have all your questions answered?
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  8. rstough added a post in a topic Essential Plus Overdrive v Texture Direct Soft Clouds and Weather Architect   

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    REX Essential OD was released in 2010 and is an all encompassing product which includes textures (from our original release in 2008 with REX 1, and some additional new textures), flight planner, weather engine. 
    REX 4 Texture Direct was released Q4 2013 and is only a texture enhancement program, with all new textures different from REX Essential.  Especially, for support for P3D 2 and now 3. It does not include a weather engine or flight planner.
    REX 4 Weather Architect was released July 2015 and is only a custom weather creation engine. It allows you to create weather anywhere in the world. It is not a real-time weather engine. However, it has a link to Texture Direct so that it will call textures based upon the weather you create.
    Upcoming products:
    - REX 4 Weather Force - will be our new comprehensive real-time weather engine based upon the EnvironmentFORCE API. 
    - REX 4 Environment Force - will our new real-time environment modification tool. Allows real time changes while in sim that greatly enhances the environment of Texture Direct and any weather engine.
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  9. rstough added a post in a topic What should I buy?   

    Thank you for your inquiry into the different products that REX offers.
    First before I answer your questions, I would strongly recommend that you review our website as this will give you the best overview of what each product does.
    I will give you a high level view here:
    First, you do not need to remove REX Essential Plus.  It has its own unique textures, plus flight planner, and weather engine.  Even though the product was released in 2010 it is relevant with great results.
    If you are interested in REX Texture Direct, I would recommend getting REX 4 Texture Direct with Soft Clouds.  All the textures within REX 4 Texture Direct / Soft Clouds are brand new since release in 2014 and include all the new tech we have learned from the release of REX 3 Essential Plus.  However, it is ONLY a texture package.  It does not include a flight planner or weather engine.  However, you can still use the weather engine of REX 3 with REX 4.
    REX 4 Weather Architect is ONLY a weather engine, but works with REX 4 Texture Direct or REX 4 Texture Direct with Soft Clouds.  Weather Architect however, is ONLY a custom weather creation tool and NOT a real time weather engine.  Our real-time weather engine tool will be Weather Force (old name Weather Direct) that will be released later.
    I hope this helps.  Feel free to ask more questions if you have them.
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  10. rstough added a post in a topic Texture Direct + soft clouds weather engine setting question   

    @franzy666 - Please place your order # within your signature.
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  11. rstough added a post in a topic Question re Texture direct v Essential Plus   

    Thank you for your question.
    REX Essential Plus Overdrive as you know is a full service product with textures, flight planner, and weather engine, but was released in 2010.  Textures were mostly from the initial release in 2007 with some modifications/additions for use with Prepar3D v1, 2.
    REX 4 - Texture Direct - is NOT a weather engine, is NOT a flight planner, but IS a full texture replacement system. All the textures are brand new and have been optimized from our years of operation.  They have been enhanced for FSX, FSX Steam, and all versions of P3D.
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  12. rstough added a post in a topic Low level cloud formation question?   

    Any cloud will work, it is really the theme or weather engine you use.  
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  13. rstough added a post in a topic What is REX4 Weather Architect   

    REX Weather Architect is not a real-time weather engine, it is a custom weather engine.  It is a system in which to create your own weather anywhere in the world. 
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  14. rstough added a post in a topic What happened to my post?   

    Rich -
    I am not trying to insult your intelligence I took your question literally.
    We are working through some hiccups with the forum software.   In the past we could locate certain tagged posts for review quickly.  With the new update to 4.0+ that feature is not working as well and I have personally missed some key forum topics seeking help for 5 days because of it.  Not good when REX prides itself on customer service.
    I am not sure about what you are stating in regards to Galen deleting portion or all of your post.  We don't do that.  If we find someone pushing the limits of support and abusive we may hide it and contact the customer directly to warn them.  But it has to get pretty bad for that to happen.
    Let me address the installation process and its complexity.  
    We have currently 3 major REX 4 products and one is a hybrid of the two of them.  So this now expands the output to 4 different install versions.  
    All install processes are tested with our beta team prior to release including both Tim and me.   We go through every single install scenario process.   So before it goes live the process has been tested thoroughly.  From in app updates, to download link updates, to full re-installs.  This process may happen 5 to 10 times per product - LITERALLY!
    However, what we do not have control over are users system setups.  There are way more setup configurations different that what 20 people can possibly anticipate.  So there are bound to be issues.
    Our recommendations to our customers is the following for new updates:
    1.)  If you have the band width - all vendors have been given the latest builds - download the latest full build from your account and install.  99% of the time this solves any issues with updates.
    2.) If you don't want to re-install use the in-app updater process.  
    3.) Finally, if #2 doesn't work use the direct download update from our list of updates on our forum.
    Not sure how we can make it any easier than that.
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  15. rstough added a post in a topic P3Dv3 update to Essential Plus Overdrive   

    The work for Essential is a little more in that we are working into the latest service pack update.
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