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  1. Please see my notes above: Uncheck the Enable Weather GRID Interpolation if you have it enabled and uncheck the Minimum Weather Injection Altitude.
  2. Please uncheck the following: Enable minimum weather injection altitude Enable Weather GRID interpolation Let me know if that helps with the conditions you are having.
  3. SimAir

    I can assure you that this project is NOT dead and very much in development. The answer to this is something similar to this and then some. It will include more functions. The virtual passenger will be the key player in SIMAIR.You as a SIM Carrier will be competing for their business. They will be very much alive and interactive. So they will be more than just a payload. If you are referring to a massive multiplayer interaction - then yes! You and others will be living in a virtual world and competing moment by moment to dominate the skies. Excellent - so are we. We are NOT basing this upon what is in Latitude. This is FAR beyond that. Thank you again for your questions and thoughts.
  4. STATUS OF WX ADVANTAGE RADAR - PRE-DEPLOYMENT PHASE We have released the user manual for the upcoming release of the WX Advantage Radar. DOWNLOAD USER MANUAL: If you would like to know more about the features of the radar you can ready the information here: VIEW FEATURE LIST:
  5. Download the latest user manual:
  6. Here is the latest build of the User Manual for the WX Advantage Radar:

    We are pleased to announce the release of the user manual for the WX Advantage Radar. Download it now from this link:

    Due to some limitations with the current flight simulator platforms this is an area we are continuing further research and tests. We don't want to fake it we want it to be as real as possible.Therefore,if the results of our testingare successful,we will immediately include this feature in an update.. The areas we are currently testing are: Terrain and Cloud masking as well as antenna attenuation.
  9. Can you post your Configuration Manager->Weather Engine settings window?
  10. That is really weird - all our tests have shown this working. Are you using WXPLUS mode or Standard Mode?
  11. Something?

    Like a maze I am forced to move left and right, will I ever see light in this shroud of darkness?
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  13. Something?

    Into the flow I go with joy and fear, wondering how long will it last.
  14. ORBX - Telluride Airport

    Really nice video - great job!
  15. i have a quacking big issue

    That is funny. Thanks for sharing.