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  1. STATUS UPDATE – MILVIZ/REX WX ADVANTAGE RADAR: RELEASED! 2/13/2017 – We have officially released the latest build of the WX Advantage Radar - Service Pack 1 - Hotfix 2. This build includes support for the recent release of Prepar3D 3.4.22. You can download the latest full replacement install here:

    To past customers of - We know that there are several customers of who have purchased REX products through their store. We want to reassure you that we are dedicated to our customers and will support your investment as you are fully entitled to receive the same level of support as you did before. If you need to re-download your REX products we can assist you with that and other needs. Please use our support forum (not the private forum mail system) if you need assistance.
  3. STATUS UPDATE – MILVIZ/REX WX ADVANTAGE RADAR: IN DEBUG PHASE 2/11/2017 – A quick update on the next release of the WX Advantage Radar. Key support will be for P3D 3.4.22. We are testing a new install process and we are going to need a few extra days of testing. The new installer will require users to uninstall all previous builds; however, users will not need to remove any of the Gauges configurations from your aircraft.
  4. REX FEBRUARY SALES EVENT - THRU MONDAY, FEBRUARY 20TH 2/11/2017 – REX Worldwide Airports HD and the WX Advantage Radar are 50% off from now until the end of day Monday, February 20th. You can purchase from your favorite store: (Note: some stores are still coming online with the sales event.) REX Store: REX Worldwide Airports HD: WX Advantage Radar: FSPilotShop: REX Worldwide Airports HD: WX Advantage Radar: SimMarket: REX Worldwide Airports HD: WX Advantage Radar: FlightSimStore: REX Worldwide Airports HD: WX Advantage Radar:
  5. I installed Rex4 in 2016 with FSX Steam on Windows 10. It works quite well except the voices no longer function when approaching runways etc.


    That is great to hear. Have a great rest of the week.
  7. STATUS UPDATE – MILVIZ/REX WX ADVANTAGE RADAR: IN PRE-DEPLOYMENT 2/8/2017 – Just a quick update. We are nearing the end of our testing on our end. We should be releasing the update this weekend.
  8. Customer Warning - It is with great regret that we have to make this announcement. About 2 years ago we started selling our products through as a part of their initial startup. Up until recently our relationship has been very good. However, as of December 2016 has refused to make good in paying the royalty due to REX Game Studios for our products sold at their store. We have patiently warned them of the importance of maintaining a good relationship with the 3rd-party developers. Unfortunately, this has fallen on deaf ears. As of today, REX has not received payment for products sold there and despite repeated requests that they remove our products, they continue to sell our products against our wishes. Therefore, REX Game Studios will be pursuing legal action against Sim-Planet for two reasons: 1.) For illegally selling our products without authorization. 2.) For recovery of arrears in funds due to REX. It is with great sadness to see those in our industry try to take advantage of the community in this way. Therefore, we want to warn all our customers not to purchase from their store until further notice. Sincerely, Reed Stough Managing Partner REX Game Studios, LLC.
  9. When we announced SKY Force last year at FSCon, the assets were finished. A lot has happened since then and we have proceeded to update a lot of the material, many due to competition. That is why we have taken longer. More will be revealed soon.
  10. We will be evaluating beta team applications soon before we start testing. When we are ready we will contact those applicants directly.
  11. STATUS UPDATE – REX ENVIRONMENT / WEATHER FORCE: IN DEVELOPMENT PHASE 2/2/2017 – We are about 85% done with beta testing of our API for REX Environment Force. We still have a few adjustments to make for some changes with P3D 3 as well as FSX. Once, these elements are done and tested we will begin to integrate the API into its user interface. IMPORTANT NOTE: We are putting this project back into "Development Phase" because of the integration of the API into its user interface.
  12. STATUS UPDATE – MILVIZ/REX WX ADVANTAGE RADAR: IN DEBUG PHASE 2/2/2017 – Prepar3D 3.4.22 was just recently released. We are currently testing the latest build with the hotfix. We expect to have an update next week.
  13. STATUS UPDATE – REX SKY FORCE: IN DEVELOPMENT PHASE 2/2/2017 – Here is the latest update with REX Sky Force. We are putting some finishing touches on many of the key assets for the project many we have not announced yet. We will be integrating these key elements, after testing, into the user interface within the coming weeks. Beta testing will follow shortly after that.
  14. I cannot start a new topic in the REX 4 texture direct support forum?

    It gives me this error message on a blank page:

    Fatal error: Call to a member function isAdmin() on null in /chroot/home/REX/ : eval()'d code on line 3443

  15. Thank you for your kind words. Our next one will be KDCA according to the vote. After that it is a close tie between KBOS, KLAX, KSFO, and KLAS. So I am not sure yet. Will take another vote after we release KDCA.