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  1. We understand how you feel, and it would be optimum to release this asap, however since this package is full-featured, we have to make sure all aspects pass quality control.
  2. I'm sorry for the delay, you are now verified and have full access.
  3. Bi B777ER, We have been noticing that quite a bit lately in the community. At any rate, you can feel confident that we do have our own brand new weather engine incorporated with all the bells and whistles. We look forward to start showing this off.
  4. Hi Ourgas, You can download the latest versions where you originally purchased from.
  5. Hi asustech, No the project is not on hold, we have just removed the page itself.
  6. It would be wise to re-download the newest files from your accounts.
  7. Hi Malcolm, You are now verified, thank you.

    Yes you can, please check out the user manual here, specifically the visibility section: http://www.rexsimulations.com/essential_manual.pdf

    Hi and welcome to the forum. I'm sorry you are experiencing issues, however, please provide us with your order number for REX Essential Plus or REX Essential Plus Overdrive and where it was purchased. Place that within your signature so we may verify you. If you have any questions in why we ask this, please reference the following thread: http://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/topic/36479-support-verification/ Once this has been completed and you are verified, a member of our team will assist you. Thank you in advance.
  10. Hi Vasily, Performance has always been our focus throughout and with our new cloud model system in place we got rid of errant texture calls. At this time we're not going to release any more inside information in regards, but rest assured performance has been our focus.
  11. hi, i installed rex4 with no issues, but when i try to open it a message like this shows up "REX 4 Texture Direct stopped working" and never open.

  12. hi, i installed rex4 with no issues, but when i try to open it a message like this shows up "REX 4 Texture Direct stopped working" and never open

  13. Hi gabestok, Thank you for purchasing! Well we actually could, but would have to be hand done... and for all 32,000+ airports in the sim, that wouldn't be a viable option for us.
  14. Hi again Mark, I edited your post, we all know who they are... and yes, when we enter the market we feel confident with our team and technology.