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  2. Hello all, sorry.. may be its out of topic. But i want to ask, when the estimated SimAir will Launch?? Thanks.
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  4. Verification order zvxbatfwf REX Store
  5. REX Worldwide Airports HD Order No: JFL5987885376DFA078
  6. Verify: Order NJXXBGBAI thx
  7. Please verify the following orders; REX4 Weather Architect-FSS0409506 REX Soft Clouds-REX ZCXXTCEOJ (REX Store) REX Worldwide Airports HD-OSXTRFYND (REX Store) Thank you! Greg
  8. Please remove your license key from your post. If you wish to get verified please just read the very first heading in the forum support page.
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  10. Well it took awhile to get through the process. It's been many years since I've participated in forums or needed to use a forum for that matter especially for product support. So I confess I'm a bit rusty. Anyhow just trying to figure out the system so I hope the following information is what is required to get some help with my Rex4 install. ------------------------------------------------------ Order Number: 882712 Date Ordered: Friday 20 January, 2017 Here is the license key/serial number associated with your order.
  11. Posting for verification. FSpilotshop Order #785124 Please verify, I have major issues with the latest update. FSX steam will not recognize the new .dll. I tried deleting it and re-installing it so many times that my downloader has timed out. Please help.
  12. ------------------------------------------------------ Order Number: 858137 Detailed Invoice: Date Ordered: Wednesday 23 November, 2016 Products ------------------------------------------------------ 1 x Real Environment Xtreme - REX Essential Plus w/ OverDrive
  13. Hello, I got my REX + od hd from the 1 avril 2012 (well it's not a joke) the command is #53510 I Can sen dyou all detail. I just want the product works again or that you said me how to upgrade to a new version. thanks
  14. Thank you for your kind words. Our next one will be KDCA according to the vote. After that it is a close tie between KBOS, KLAX, KSFO, and KLAS. So I am not sure yet. Will take another vote after we release KDCA.
  15. Verification: The Flight Sim Store REX 4 Texture Direct Order #: 539919 simMarket REX Soft Clouds Order #: 1552908 REX Worldwide Airports Order #: 1552893 REX Essentials Plus OD Order #: 1119523
  16. REX Texture Direct 4 bought through Steam, Invoice: 662413275652864138
  17. Hi, I purchased REX 3 essential + with overdrive, but when I want to install texture a message indicates that I have no valid license. I try to uninstall with ccleaner and install but no way. Can you help me ? Purchased on REX store : Order: BBKPMEWYL
  18. REX store : BBKPMEWYL REX Essential PLUS with OverDrive + P3D
  19. just posting to get verification REX order VDMUDIHQR
  20. We understand how you feel, and it would be optimum to release this asap, however since this package is full-featured, we have to make sure all aspects pass quality control.
  21. I'm sorry for the delay, you are now verified and have full access.
  22. REX Latitude Order Number: 517315 22 Oktober 2013
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  24. REX FSS Order No. FSS0056046 Thanks!
  25. Too bad it wasn't ready to go now. Striking while the iron is hot. Sooo many would jump ship to REX.
  26. Just Curious why I would get an verification approval email yet still unable to access the Weather Radar Forum. Need help with a CTD .dll error
  28. FSPilotshop: REX Latitude Order #487704 SimMarket: REX Essential PLUS w/Overdrive Order #1039452 (I may have registered many years ago but your logon system cuts me off for 15mins after just 2 wrong login attempts - impossible for me to try all my username / password permutations! Thank you)
  29. verification SimMarket REX4 WITH SOFT CLOUDS ORDER: 1587353
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