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  2. Hi, REX ESS+OD FSX order # 89768 Just a test for my order number
  3. REX Texture Direct - Order #FSS0286989 16/05/2014 REX Soft Clouds - Order #FSS0362913 29/03/2015 REX Worldwide Airports HD - SCTZGGBQD (REX STORE) Thanks Swadeep
  4. verification info: DQMEGUAXI --REX store
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  6. REX 4 Order Number 707336 (Aerosoft Online)

    Please provide us with your order number for REX Essential Plus or REX Essential Plus Overdrive and where it was purchased. Place that within your signature so we may verify you. If you have any questions in why we ask this, please reference the following thread:

    Please email Reed Stough at: Also within your email please provide a link to this forum post so that I can refer back to it. Please reference REX within the subject line of the email. In addition, please see the post below. Thank you!

    That's what I figured, since you have a dynamic IP for your VPN, you probably just happened to land on a IP address that had been previously forbidden by our server.
  10. hi Order ref DVEZZMFPT Please add me for verification. Cheers.
  11. REX FSX order # FSS0366846
  12. Support verification- WX Advantage Radar HI THOMAS RICHEY, THANK YOU FOR SHOPPING WITH REX STORE! ORDER QFDQFZLQE - PAYMENT PROCESSED Your payment for order with the reference QFDQFZLQE was successfully processed.
  13. REX Order # UYBQEJRKB
  14. Invoice Number Invoice Date Order Reference Order date #IN018778 02/20/2017 GPNTMAXJW 02/20/2017 REX Worldwide Airports HD Thanks, Joshua Pemberton
  15. one is REX essential plus overdrive and other is REX 4 texture direct both purchased at FS Pilot Shop.
  16. REX Essential Plus, purchased from FlightSim Store on 3rd December 2010, order no. #FSS0088239. Registration number available on request.
  17. order: BDGCZGWVQ Placed on 02/20/2017 20:52:43
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  19. Order: DORMSGVJK Placed on 02/19/2017 19:05:57REX Store
  20. Hi, just trying to get verification Order Number: 542069 Date Ordered: Sunday 02 February, 2014 Order Number: 491821 Date Ordered: Sunday 09 June, 2013 Moderator Edit: Where were these purchases made, and for which products?
  21. Invoice #IN018556 Order Reference JJIUMSEPO - placed on 02/15/2017 WX Advantage Radar REX Store

    Tim yes I got no response maybe you can help me I like the service but when I reinstalled the program the flight adware only brings me up to the payment part I checked my statement and you still are getting the 1.99 payment is there a missing file or something im stumped
  23. Invoice #IN018540, Order OAKNCHJQC, Date 02/15/2017. The REX Store.
  24. REX4 Texture Direct FSPilotShop Order #637667 Moderator Edit: This product is registered in another name. Please contact an admin as we cannot verify this purchase.
  25. Hi I bought REX 4 texture direct from Steam so I dont know my order number MODERATOR EDIT: Steam does not have order numbers, rather a Transaction ID.
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